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It all started about 600 days back while on tour from 2014, It is found many craftsmen and their community are in vanishing stage due to lack of innovation (new designs with respect to time) lack of interest by youngsters to take it further in the community and lack of marketing skills even if youngsters are interested.

E-commerce as a retail platform selected to reach the mass as it reaches many places across the nation rather than a retail showroom in one place

SCULPE is a name pertaining to Sculpting, Carving, Weaving, Shilpi and Karigars (in Hindi language). A team of two initiated to research the crafts and around 200 crafts were identified across India and that’s why we call INCREDIBLE INDIA!!, still many crafts are unknown to the other side of globe (in India)

SCULPEs motto is to promote Indian crafts with a unique combination of arts and science by illiterate’s, what we call as FRUGAL INVENTION and INNOVATION. For example, a group of craftsmen has developed toys 4-5 decade back based on the principle of “centre of gravity “where a toy will never fall when pushed, it’s amazing

Buy these well crafted products and promote Indian crafts

SCULPE is livelihood developmental initiative involved in developing a network between master craftsmen, artisans, workers and micro-entrepreneurs capable of producing world class craft (handmade) products across India

 With an in-depth research on craft sector across India with 200+ varieties of crafts identified, SCULPE want to support the craftsmen community with their traditional designs and help them to innovate on contemporary design with a refined product development process through regular orders. It also aims to train who wish to nurture their skills especially young minds by the fusion of innovative thinking, new designs and processes

SCULPE is an e-commerce platform sells handmade (fully & semi)products. Buy handmade products through SCULPE and promote Indian crafts, SHOP WITH CONFIDENCE

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