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  1. Tangram Puzzle

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    Tangram is an ancient Puzzle Made of best wood by master craftsmen It helps to sharpen reasoning, critical and analytical skills in fun way It helps to develop spatial awareness (understanding of the self and of the relationships between objects within a given space) HOW TO PLAY Remove all 7 pieces from frame Let your kid try to arrange the pieces back in right place WINNER Kids who arranges properly in less time is the winner who has understood the perception of space. Other ways playing TANGRAM One can create more than 200 shapes(expression) in a creative manner, irrespective of age like the last expression shown as an example. It acts as a STRESS BUSTER, by creating an expression within 3 minutes during work for professionals Learn More
  2. 3 Piece Wooden Puzzle

    Wooden puzzle of 3 pieces is a wonderful complex puzzle Crafted by a master craftsmen who acquired the skills of engineers Made of a seasoned wood It engages your kids/children or an adult or an retired people for hours to crack the solution It helps kid to understand the concept of creating the fitments and interlocking How to Play : Please do not watch Youtube videos to crack the solution Let your child find ways to assemble and dis-assemble Even an adult or aged person can play Assembling in less time is the challenge Learn More
  3. Leather Pen Stand

    Authentic handmade leather product Made from pure leather Hand stitched by master craftsman Adds value on your working station CAUTION: 1.Try to avoid getting wet 2. If gets wet, dry in open air under shade Learn More
  4. Cane Tray

    Tray made of Cane natural material Can be used as tray on dining table to store vegetables or fruits(to be washed before eating) Can also be used to store flowers in Pooja room Can also be used for storage purpose like stationeries NOTE: 1.A coat of wood Varnish is applied 2.Not to use to store food like Rotis, Chapatis or Poori's Learn More
  5. Natural Grass Fibre Bowl

    Eco freindly product made by fibres extracted from Natural Grass Split, Twisted, Spindled and hand woven Can be used to store Rotis & Chapatis to keep warm (Lid to be used to close) It does not allow air to pass through the small gaps to keep warm Can fill upto 12-15 rotis Care 1. Products are washable and can be brushed (light pressure) if required under running water only 2. Dry in open air (can be dried in direct sunlight for 10minutes only) 3. Avoid contact of sharp objects with the product Learn More

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