Bell Metal Bowl SMALL

Bell Metal Bowl SMALL
Material : Bell Metal, 
Size : Diameter 4x3 inches
SKU : SBP/M/0001
Weight : 400gram

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  1. Bell Metal Bowl is a special copper-tin alloy termed as healing metal in ayurveda due to its nutritive and hygiene values if used as eating utensils.
  2. In Sanskrit, BELL METAL is mentioned as Buddhivardhakam –which sharpens our intelligence, pays tribute to its therapeutic powers with inherent medicinal properties.
  3. COPPER helps in reducing pain, inflammation and improves haemoglobin whereas TIN helps in digestion, relieving headaches and insomnia.
  4. Made using traditional casting process from very high quality pure copper and tin with superior artistry and master craftsmanship.
  5. It is free from Lead.
  6. Can fill half a litre of water


    Washing and Care

  1. Only Tamarind to be used for washing
  2. May break if falls due to its brittleness

   NOTE: Hand casted products tend to have slight variations