Ganjifa Painting - Mysore King

Ganjifa Painting - Mysore King
Material : Wood and Paper, 
Size : 8.5x8.5x0.5 inches
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Weight : 100gram

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  1. Replica paintings by a national award winner by President of India.
  2. Ganjifa is ancient art of painting which flourished in Mysore region under the patronage of Krishnaraja Wodeyar.
  3. Ganjifa comes from the Persian word ""GANJ"" means treasury, wealth, Money.
  4. Ganjifa painting was originally used on playing cards.
  5. Traditionally, Ganjifa were made of ivory, tortoise shell or mother of pearl, today paper, leather, palm or cloth is used.
  6. These miniature paintings with mythological motifs from Ramayana, Mahabharatha, Dashavathara and about Mysuru Kingdom are popular to adorn the walls in homes, resorts and hotels.
  7. Wooden frame with a hook on back side to hang.