Tangram Puzzle

Tangram Puzzle
Material : Wood, 
Size : 4x4 inches
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Weight : 150gram

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  1. Tangram is an ancient Puzzle
  2. Made of best wood by master craftsmen
  3. It helps to sharpen reasoning, critical and analytical skills in fun way
  4. It helps to develop spatial awareness (understanding of the self and of the relationships between objects within a given space)

 HOW TO PLAY   1. Remove all 7 pieces from frame

                             2. Let your kid try to arrange the pieces back in right place

 WINNER  Kids who arranges properly in less time is the winner who has understood the  perception of space.

 Other  ways playing TANGRAM

  1. One can create more than 200 shapes(expression)  in a creative manner, irrespective of age like the last expression shown as an example.
  2. It acts as a STRESS BUSTER, by creating an expression within 3 minutes during work for professionals.