Screw Pine Leaf Utility Box

Screw Pine Leaf Utility Box
Material : Screwpine, 
Size : 8.5x7.5x7.5 inches
SKU : SGP/U/0006
Weight : 100gram

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  1. Eco freindly product made by fibres extracted from Screwpine
  2. Split, Twisted, Spindled and hand woven
  3. Can be used to store fruits and vegetables
  4. It allows air through the small gaps to keep things fresh
  5. Can fill 1.5kgs of Apple/Orange

     Care  1. Products are washable and can be brushed (light pressure) if required under running water only

              2. Dry in open air (can be dried in direct sunlight for 10minutes only)

              3. Avoid contact of sharp objects with the product