Kambal / Kambali -WASHABLE

Kambal / Kambali -WASHABLEKambal / Kambali -WASHABLE
Kambal / Kambali -WASHABLE Kambal / Kambali -WASHABLE Kambal / Kambali -WASHABLE Kambal / Kambali -WASHABLE
Kambal / Kambali -WASHABLE
Material : Sheepwool, 
Size : 124x52 inches (10.3x4.3 feet)
SKU : SKP/U/0005
Weight : 780gram

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  1. Kambali is a traditional handwoven blanket used in between bedspread and bed
  2. It is used as warmer as it is made of sheep wool
  3. Handwoven using pit-loom method by master craftsmen
  4. Natural colour of sheep wool is retained
  5. Also used as bedsheet during winter (with cotton bedsheet)
  6. Nature's gift to be warm from extreme cold.

NOTE: It's WASHBLE and LIGHTWEIGHT as it is free from starch

Health Benefits: 1. ideally good for infant and mother during post pregnancy and for Asthma patients.   2 .Keeps Spinal chord healthy for people suffering from back pain